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Video Surveillance Camera System Basics


What is a Video Surveillance Camera System?

A Video Surveillance Camera System is an integral component of your home or business's total security system and has two primary functions. First it is to act as a deterrent to unwanted access or theft of your home or business. Should unwanted access or theft occur, its second primary function is to record the event digitally, and provide as evidence, the series of events that occurred inside the contained perimeter of the video surveillance camera system. A Video Surveillance Camera System is also a tool used to monitor locations where supervision may be needed.

How does a Video Surveillance Camera System work?

The two main components of a Video Surveillance Camera System are the Digital Video Recorder (also known as a DVR) and the surveillance camera. The two are connected via coax or cat-5 cable. When the DVR detects motion in a camera's field of view it automatically starts recording the image from that particular camera. The image is stored onto a Hard Disk Drive (HDD) similar to the one found in your personal computer. This process of detecting and storing the movement from a camera is sometimes referred to as an Event. If the Event is an unwanted entry it can be easily transferred to a portable disk and given to the proper authorities. The system can also be monitored from an on-site location or remotely via the Internet allowing the user to immediately contact authorities should that be necessary.

Why should I consider purchasing a Video Security System?

While it is true that a Video Surveillance Camera System is most helpful after an unwanted entry has occurred, know that many crimes nowadays are committed by associates of a home or business owner. Having a Video Surveillance Camera System can be crucial in identifying a suspect either through face recognition or by recognizing mannerisms of the suspect, especially if he or she is an associate of the home or business owner. Adding a microphone to the system allows for analysis of the suspect's voice, providing a tool for quicker identification.

It is also important to remember that your surveillance cameras will act as a deterrent to unwanted entry of your home or business. Should a criminal see your surveillance cameras and or signs indicating you have a surveillance cameras, he or she will probably think twice about burglarizing your place and move on to someplace that won't be such a hassle.

In some instances you may even get a reduction in your property insurance premiums. Contact your insurance company to see if this is the case in your situation.

Another reason many people choose to purchase a video surveillance camera system is to monitor their children or elderly relatives while away from the home. You can easily setup surveillance cameras to monitor hallways, kitchens, and living areas to see if someone has fallen or is in need of assistance, or just to check to see if your kids have gotten home from school.

The scenarios listed above are only a small fraction of why people choose to purchase a Video Surveillance Camera System. Only you know the exact reasons why you need a Video Surveillance Camera System System. Whatever your reasons are, Spy Geeks can design a custom system to meet the specific needs of your situation at our Orlando Spy Shop. Continued ...

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